About Yayasan Gugah Nurani Indonesia

Yayasan Gugah Nurani Indonesia (GNI), is an humanitarian non-government organization who works based Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) particularly in child rights fulfilment and community development. Yayasan Gugah Nurani Indonesia provides child education, community development, health, sanitation, and disaster relief programs in 15 CDPs (Community Development Project) and serving 12,086 children. Yayasan Gugah Nurani Indonesia has missions around the world to ensure the well-being of people in need.

Duty Station

Batavia CDP (Menteng, Jakarta)

Position Summary

Execute the GNI Income Generation (IG) program (which may include but not limited to: entrepreneurship workshop and seminars, small medium enterprise development, agricultural sciences, and other entrepreneurship and innovation related) and ensuring the relevancy and effectiveness of programme implementation to the community in CDP area to increase community’s welfare and well being.

Key Responsibilities

• Conduct local Income Generation program needs assessment and surveys (which may include online and offline survey, Participatory Appraisal Process, etc.)

• Develop IG program plan and strategy (which may include program definition on how each program will be delivered, budget and resource needed)

• Control the implementation of IG program and review its progress to ensure the achievement of IG program’s goals

• Formulate the recommendation and best case

• Develop the program reports and program documentation to provide comprehensive understanding to GNI head office

• Maintain and improve relationship with partners and external stakeholders (which may include local government, other NGOs, industry, etc.)

•   Execute Income Generation project in order to ensure programs alignment with Yearly Project Plan in CDP.

• Prepare report of CDP program activities in order to monitor performance and target accomplishment based on Yearly Project Plan.

• Increasing the repayment rate of revolving fund.

• Maintain and improve relationship with partners and external stakeholders (which may include local government, other NGOs, industry, etc.) to improve the overall programs of Income Generation


• S1 / Bachelor Degree; Preferably in Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Management and Business Administration, Social Economy, Economy Development, Agricultural Sciences and other related studies

• Preferably 1+ years of relevant working experiences

• Preferably 1+ years of field working experience

• Good understanding about micro finance and small medium enterprise development.

• Innovation towards small business models

• Able to communicate with local community

• Fresh graduate are welcome to apply

• Fluent in English and Bahasa

How To Apply

• Please fill-in Screning Form (link for download below), and submit it with your Application Letter and CV in English. HERE

• Submit To Email : hrd.gnirecruitment@gmail.com

• Please fill the email’s subject with this format : Position_Duty Station_Name (Ex: IG_Batavia_Nurani)

• Deadline for submission of applications :   14 November 2017

Only the qualified candidate will be proceed

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